Everyone has a different personal experience when it comes to their finances. There are various things that every individual does for their savings and money.

Every experience is going to be different because everyone has a different way of managing their money. Here are a few lists of savings that a person can learn from someone’s experience in personal finance

1. LIC policy:

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You can always have a few LIC policies which will help you in getting more money over the years.

The policies will help you a lot when it comes to covering the money though there will be some coverage money at risk, you will gain the money too in the process of LIC policy, and it is a great deal of insurance which helps you a lot. 

2. ULIPs: 

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You can have ULIPs with an annual premium of around Rs 32,000, and there can be coverage of Rs 1 Lakh. It is imperative to have a great sense of planning before just getting into these things.

Personal finance can be managed really nicely if a person does planning beforehand. 

3. Postal Life Insurance: 

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If you take postal life insurance, then it will cost you some premium monthly, and then the coverage will be around Rs 4 lakhs.

The postal life insurance helps to cover a lot of war risks and medical expenses, so if anything happens to a person, then it will help in covering a lot of things for them. 

Everyone makes some of the other mistakes while managing personal finance, so it is essential to right the wrongs. Here is all that you can do: 

  • You can get insurance for a higher amount. 
  • You can cancel the other multiple policies that you have taken. 
  • You can start investing in the stock market because it will help you in gaining more money and also help in the growth. You can always gain returns from the money you invest in the stock market. 

There are a few more things that you can take care of when it comes to personal finance from another person’s point of view: 

4. Income Tax:

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Whenever the income tax topic comes up, people get frightened or start adding up the amount, but if you plan your personal finances in the right way, then you don’t need to think about it so much and can stay calm about it.

With every policy and scheme, the tax burden is just reduced and not completely sorted. You can always use the policies to reduce the tax burden on yourself, but it won’t help in completely getting rid of the tax.

A lot of successful people say that nobody should shy away from paying taxes because it helps the nation and also helps you in understanding the problems.

There are a lot of people who just think of avoiding the tax and not pay it, but if you look at the bigger picture, then the tax amount is used to develop the things in our nation like roads, bridges, infrastructure, schools, and much more. 

5. Goal-oriented savings: 

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Everyone wants to save money, but not everyone is clear about why and what purpose they have to save their money. So it is vital to first understand the importance of saving money and what purpose it holds in your life.

You need to look at the bigger picture and understand why and how the savings will have a purpose in your life later on.

Every person has a financial goal for themselves and their family, so it is important to understand why and how their savings will look like in the future. 

6 Financial advisor: 

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If a person isn’t able to understand their finances alone, then it is essential to take help from a financial advisor. A financial advisor will help you in addressing every detail, which will further help you in managing the finances properly.

Seeking help from the financial advisor will only help you later because the advisor will help you in managing your personal finances in a better way.

They’ll charge you a little but will give you better advice when it comes to finances. Your finances will become stronger and better with the help of the advisor because they will help you in figuring out the right ways of spending money or saving them.


They can also help you with better investments which will give you more returns. 

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