There are various personal finance blogs in India that give you great tips on saving money, investment, selecting the best credit card for you, and much more.

Some blogs will also help you in earning money online. You can go through this list of personal finance blogs which will help you in solving your financial problems: 

Jago Investor: 

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The blogger of this page, Manish Chauhan, helps in the financial planning ethics for the readers.

No matter what stage you are at, you’ll be able to understand the concept of financial planning more nicely and why it is important to have a financial planner for your business. 


Safal Niveshak: 

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Vishal Khandelwal is the famous author of this blog who compiles stories of successful investors and their business from the world and writes up on the blog.

It is one of the best personal finance blogs in India because it helps in seeing and learning from other people’s stories. The blog also offers various e-books and courses for readers. 

Credit frog: 

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It is a great online portal that suggests you the best credit card according to your needs and requirements. You can get all the answers to the things about credit cards that you want to know from this website. 

Money life: 

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Money life is a great finance website, business, and magazine, which has all the details about personal finance that you need to know.

There is various information about the investor’s initiatives and financial literacy on this website. 

Capital mind: 

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It is one of the best personal finance blogs in India, which helps the readers in understanding more about the insights of the financial markets, stock market investment, and the economy.

You can find a lot of information about the stock market investment on this page, which will further help you in making the right investments.

It will also help you in understanding budget analysis and many more things related to the finance world. 

Chartered Club: 

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Karan Batra started this finance blog in 2009, which explains the complex tax laws in India in a more simplified way.

The blog helps in understanding all the things related to tax in India, which solves a lot of problems for the readers.

You can understand the basics of calculating income tax, solving income tax problems, and how to make an online payment for the same. 

Money excels: 

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Raviraj started this amazing blog in the hope of making all his readers understand the importance of financial planning and a financial planner for their business.

There is all the basic information about the financial planning world that the readers need to know about while managing their business. 

One Mint: 

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The blog was initially started as Mint and then Manshu. The college student changed it to One Mint, where he writes about the advantages of personal finance, investments, technology, and economics. You can read about all the basics on his blog and understand all about the personal finance blogs.