Let’s go through the overview of investment banking in Saudi Arabia:

  • The finance market in Saudi Arabia is underdeveloped, and if someone goes to make their name in investment banking in Saudi Arabia, then there are chances that they’ll succeed in doing so in less time.

  • There is considerable growth potential in the market and people can expect a huge influx in recruitments through the year.

  • The M&A deals will rise as there can be huge growth in the investment banking sector in Saudi Arabia.

  • If you are seeking jobs in the investment banking sector, then Saudi Arabia is the best place to go to because there is great potential for growth and new opportunities in the sector.

Investment banking in Saudi Arabia and the services offered:

Investment banking
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As the market in Saudi Arabia is emerging, there is a great chance and potential for growth in the sector.

There are various services that the banks in Saudi Arabia offer, which are as follows:

  • Private placements

  • Corporate finance advisory

  • M&A advisory

  • IPOs

Private placements: Private placements are one of the top five services that are being offered in Saudi Arabia. The banks sell top-notch complex securities to the clients in Saudi Arabia, which will help them in understanding the risk and reward of the same.

Corporate finance advisory: The banks provide services like risk management, capital structuring, deal structuring, credit rating, and liquidity.

M&A advisory: Almost all the banks in Saudi Arabia offer mergers and acquisitions. Since there is a chance of potential growth in the sector, all the banks are trying to take the opportunity.

IPOs: There are some banks in Saudi Arabia that offer initial private offerings and initial public offerings to different organizations to enhance the funds for their business.

Recruitment process:

Go for internships:

Investment banking
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The market in Saudi Arabia is still rising, so some banks look for interns, and it is a good way of getting a permanent job.

Whenever you get an opportunity of getting an internship in any bank, then grab that opportunity because it can help you in taking a leap of faith and pursue your dreams.

Networking is important:

Investment banking
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The most important part is to remember that networking is a huge deal, and it is imperative in this sector.

With contacts and networking, you can get a whole lot of information that will benefit you and your job.

You can share emails or take them out for coffee and discuss the potential business. It is important to make these networks directly.

Connect with the head hunters:

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If you are new in this segment, then make sure you connect with the head hunters because they can teach you and provide you with a lot of information that can help you in the field.

Make sure that you have great technical and presentation skills because those ways it becomes easy to impress the head hunters.


Investment banking
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INterviews are the most essential part of any investment banking company in Saudi Arabia.

Be ready for the interviews and always have confident answers because they have some rounds of interviews.

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