Everything changes in life after having a newborn baby at home and the baby comes with a bundle of joys for the family.

Everything changes like sleep schedules, every routine, balancing work life, and managing family time after the baby comes.

A lot of parents forget to add their newborn baby in the health insurance policy, which is important for the future safety of the baby.

You can easily add the newborn baby to your existing health insurance policy.

There are various health insurance policies, and the age of the baby plays a vital role in these policies. 

How to add a newborn baby in the existing policy? 

There are two ways of adding the newborn baby in the existing policy that you have: 

Health insurance policy
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1. At the time of the renewal of the policy: 

Offline mode: You can add the baby in the policy during the renewal of the policy, and in the offline mode you need to inform the agent or the insurance company and fill the form for the baby with all the required documents needed for the policy.

Online mode: In the online mode, you just need to simply visit the website and go to the renewal page.

There you will find the option of adding the newborn baby in the existing policy that you have.

You just need to click that option and add the baby to the policy. It will ask for a revised fee for the change in the policy.

There are some companies that may ask you to attach the soft copy of the birth certificate and documents of the baby.

2. Before the renewal date:

Health insurance policy
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You can also add the baby in the policy during the existing year, and you just need to inform the agent or the company about the changes because it will be done through offline mode.

You need to give the cheque or NEFT for the revised premium price of the policy and also they will ask you for some required documents for the baby.

Important points to remember:

Health insurance policy
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There is a waiting period which says that the newborn baby is not covered for around 90 days because there are high risks of medical emergencies during this time.

Once you add the newborn baby in your policy, the company will recalculate the premium amount for your policy which you have to pay in order to add the baby in the policy terms.

There is a cashless card facility that you can avail of for the health insurance policy once you give the baby’s picture. All you need to do is give one picture of the baby to avail of the cashless card facility in the policy.

Before getting the policy, make sure that you read the whole policy nicely and check what all things are covered for the baby in the health insurance policy.


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