Are you planning on purchasing a new house? You must have planned your investments and everything, but there are ten other additional expenses that you should be ready for before buying the house.

Not everyone plans for this, but there are a lot of additional expenses that come in with the new house.

Here are 10 additional expenses that you need to prepare yourself for before purchasing a new house:

1. Stamp duty:

buying a new house
Source: Real State- MagicBricks

Stamp duty is an expense that is a tax that is levied by the government on the transactions of buying and selling residential or commercial property. The rate of stamp duty is different in every state and varies accordingly.

The range of the rate is from 3% to 4%, depending on the slab that a particular state decides. The stamp duty is calculated on the higher value of any of the following points:

● The ready reckoner rate, which is also known as the circle or market rate, is redefined by the government every year for every state, town, or village.

● Depending on the agreement value of the property, for example, if the agreement value of a property is around Rs 50 Lakhs and the value according to the circle rate is Rs 40 lakhs, then the stamp duty will be calculated on Rs 50 Lakhs as it is the higher value.

2. Registration cost:

buying a new house
Source: 300 Hours

There is a registration cost for the new house that the government will charge as a fee. The registration cost will also vary from state to state, but usually, it is 1% of the market value the property holds.

The registration fee will be lowered if the person who is purchasing the property is a senior citizen or a woman. Usually, the builder quotes the cost while quoting the value of the property.

3. Interior cost:

Source: Medium

The new house comes with a lot of internal costs like walls, electronic points, floors and much more. When the house becomes yours, the responsibility of furnishing and decorating the house also becomes your responsibility.

So, you need to understand the cost and expenses you will have to redecorate your new house. The interior cost will go up if you plan on having a marble or wood flooring, a textured wallpaper, a modular kitchen, and much more.

4. Advance maintenance fee:

buying a new house
Source: PropTiger

If the house is newly constructed then, the builder will ask for an advance maintenance fee for a year or two.

If you consider the advance payment, then the amount of the fee can be really decent, so it is suggested to consider it likewise.

5. Housewarming party:

Source: Moversville

It is a tradition that has been going on for ages that whenever you move to a new house, you throw a housewarming party for your family and friends.

Some people like to have a grand celebration while others believe in having a small party with close relatives and friends.

Either way, the party will cost you a small amount according to the things you will have, like caterers, decorations, and much more.

6. Furniture:

buying a new house
Source: House Beautiful

Every person has a different taste, and many people prefer having the furniture set up before moving in while others keep making the changes even after moving to their new house.

If you want new furniture for your house, then you will have to appoint a carpenter who will do the best job in terms of making the furniture.

There are a lot of things that come with the furniture department like beds, tables, desks, chairs, shoe racks and much more.

7. Additional charges in flat:

Source: AdvancedTech

The cost of additional charges in the flat is different and depends on the needs of each family. The additional costs include the security system on the entrance gate, iron grills, video system for security, and much more.

If you want to set up a mosquito net on the windows, then that is also included in this cost, but it depends if the family wants all of these things or not.

8. Sinking fund:

buying a new house
Source: Mint Blog

The sinking fund is a cost that you need to start paying for the society you are going to live in every year for a certain year, which is usually around 5 to 8 years.

The sinking fund charges are paid by all the house owners living in the society, which helps in the maintenance of the society like the clubhouse maintenance, the roads in the society, parking space, building paintings and much more.

All the maintenance in the society is done with the fund that is collected by the owners.

9. Small house alteration for the new house:

Source: Homebuilding & Renovation

The cost of small house alteration also depends from person to person and is a subjective cost. Some people want to change the outlay of the house that they are moving in, and that’s when this cost is needed.

The extra money needed for changing the outline of the house and making big changes before moving into the house is included in the small house alteration cost.

10. Packers and movers charges:

buying a new house
Source: Assure Shift

It is one of the most common charges that you need to prepare yourself for before moving into the new house.

You will need movers and packers to help you in moving from one house to another, and that will cost you some amount of money. The cost can be a bit more if it is an inter-city move.


A lot of people consider it their milestone to buy their own new house, and they want to do all the best things even if it costs. All we need to do is keep in mind about all the expenses that we will have to pay with the house.

If you know, all the costs that you will have to bear then all the expenses will start becoming more precise, and you will understand the overall amount you will have to pay.