BEST-HOME-SECURITY-OPTIONS-FOR-WOMENMany women are moving away from homes in search of better life opportunities, like better jobs and even for educational purposes. However, moving to an alien city is not easy. Not only do they have to figure out the city itself, find an apartment, navigate transport, and create a social life, but there is also the issue of security.

Women are very aware of keeping themselves safe in public spaces. Many carry pepper spray, Tasers, retractable batons and are also investing in self-defense training. But that doesn’t change the fact that the number of home break-ins and crimes committed against women in their homes are increasing. Therefore, it’s important to invest in a good home security system and devices that keep you alerted to any suspicious activity. 

The best way to avoid such situations is to fortify the home. For single women, some of the best home security options are as listed below and are worth the investment.

  1. A Doorbell Camera

A doorbell camera may seem like an overpriced investment but stay with us on this. Doorbell cameras can create a safe barrier from strangers looking to make contact. These devices are much more than the ordinary video intercom, where you can only hear the outsider’s voice or see an obstructed view from the camera. A smart doorbell camera on the other hand features a wide-angle camera that basically allows you to see who is standing outside from head to toe, in crisp high-quality video.

It allows you to communicate via your smartphones through their respective mobile applications, allowing you to verify who is really at your door from wherever you are. For instance, you order pizza on her way home from work and in case you’re not home in time, you can get an alert on your smartphone when the delivery guy is at the door and give your roommate the heads-up. 

One of the best parts about a video doorbell is that some of the variants also allow you to record a snapshot of whenever someone rings your bell, which means when you come home from work or a long day out, you can see what you missed out on while you were away.

  1. An Alarm System

Home Security Options for WomenIt’s definitely not easy sleeping alone in a new apartment in a new city. You can lock the windows and doors but the thought of a home invasion can still take away a restful night’s sleep. Another great home security system to invest in is an alarm system.

An alarm system is sensitive to motion and temperature which means when you activate the alarm and wrap up for the night, your home is being monitored via sensors. If someone taps on your window or tries to pull it open, it will begin to ring and alert the concerned authorities via signals sent using the internet.

An alarm system is a pricey investment to make, but it also comes with its peace of mind. It is one of the most recommended devices to install at home, and one that is often preferred by the average American family – especially if you are a young woman living alone. The best advantage is that some alarm systems can be monitored via the internet and a mobile application that is downloadable onto your smartphones.

  1. Security Cameras

Installing security cameras around the perimeter of your property and inside the home is a great decision to take. Not only do security cameras record who visited, walked around your vicinity and whether the housecleaner didn’t swipe anything while you were at work, but they also record the activity for later playback. That way, you can be vigilant about what goes on in your home.

Modern technology has improved things quite a lot and security cameras have evolved into what we now refer to as Smart Cameras. Smart Cameras allow homeowners to now access live footage using a mobile application from their smartphones, tablets and laptops. 

This way, homeowners, and especially single young women living alone, can monitor what goes on inside and outside their home; whether they themselves are within the premises or away at the time. Smart cameras also feature two-way audio to communicate with whoever is at the other end, and hear them as well, and they also send real-time alerts to your smartphones when they detect any movement.

Security cameras, more so Smart Cameras usually come with a hefty price tag, but they are one of the best ways for anyone to stay safe, especially if they are living alone. They are available in wired and wireless options so even if you need to place one in some hidden corner within the house, it is definitely possible. 

For any young woman looking to venture out into a new place, we suggest you look up these important devices and safety measures after you have selected your residence. This way, you will be able to create new experiences and really enjoy the new place, instead of worrying about being safe in your own home. These may look like expensive devices, but in the long run, their payback is worth every penny.



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