Beginning a start-up is as simple as ABC for any entrepreneur who has set to build a grand brand out of his/her start-up, but to grab the attention of the customers is not that easy.

If you plan to start your own business, and you have no idea how you are going to sell it out, then it is of no use.

An expert entrepreneur should have a vision of the sales and the fortune of the business. In short, the entrepreneur is the creator of the destiny of his/her business.

A business without clients is like a ship without a compass. You know you have to sail, but in which direction, you don’t have a clue about it.

For any venture to grow, it is necessary that it hold the eyes of the customers and bring them to the threshold of your business.

In doing so, you need to be equipped with the knowledge of the maneuvers that will guarantee you a strong customer base.

Here are 10 tips that you can follow to attract the customers towards your start-up.

1. Positive advertising of the start-ups

Startups Can Win Their First Customers
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Unless the people know about your business, how can you expect them to come to you? You have to make your start-up become visible to the masses by advertising it.

You have to bombard the ads of your business, and here, I am not talking about the high-cost advertising media, but the ones that have a vast reach and are within your ability.

You have to entice the people with the creative way of promotion like opening a kiosk, or any banner held across the street or online ads.

2. Propagate your USP

Startups Can Win Their First Customers
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Why should people choose you when they have so many other good options available? Why your product is one of its kinds? How do you convince people to select your product/service over all other similar products or services?

If you have an answer to these questions, then definitely, you are a knack for winning the hearts of your first customers. You have to stand apart from others and let the people make their decision. But remember their final word should be in your favor.

3. Build a good reputation in front of the customer

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Nobody likes to buy anything from a place that has been raided, right? Do you remember the controversy that happened in Fabindia?

If not, then let men remind you that in one of its stores, the dressing room had camera fit in it and the current HRD minister, Smriti Zubin Irani, had found out about it when she visited the store.

After that scrutiny, the brand had tarnished its reputation. So, for any brand, it is vital to connect with the customers by ensuring that they perceive a positive image of the venture in their eyes.

Trust is the trigger that pulls the business and the customer towards each other.

4. Build a rapport

Startups Can Win Their First Customers
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It means that the first time the client interacts with you; you have to be confident and act like a professional. You must be around your customers when he/she orders anything.

That does not mean that you have to stalk him/her. You just have to develop an understanding of your customer. The more formal it is, the better it is for your business.

5. Decide which segment you want to serve

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You have to be specific so as to which section of society you want to serve. For instance, if you are selling designing software, then your niche would be graphic designers.

So, you have to narrow down the map of your customers. If you focus on the generalized clients, then the output you receive would not be fruitful.

6. Track record of your happy customers

Startups Can Win Their First Customers
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It is helpful in dealing with the demands and wishes of the customers. Whenever your customers face some problems with any of your products, then you must be available to him/her to resolve the issue.

You have to check the record of the customers to know who has been the most frequent buyer of your product/services. It will contribute to making your job easier.

7. Stay in touch with your loyal customers

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You must update your customers about the offers valid for them, you should wish them on their birthdays, and don’t forget to exchange the phone numbers.

Once you succeed in your first sale with the customer, then you must continue to anticipate the same response from the customer, only if you develop that connection with him/her.

8. Develop credibility of your business

Startups Can Win Their First Customers
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Do you think people are fools, and they can be enkindled by any business just like that? No, they are very particular about the things they want, and therefore, they will not be trapped by your silly acts.

So, you have to authenticate your product/services and then only the people will show some interest in you. You have to make them believe in the honesty of your work.

9. Organize small get together like a High Tea

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Such social gatherings are the perfect place for bonding with customers. Just letting your first customer is not enough; you have to make him/her stay loyal to you forever.

So, you have to conduct such functions to know your customers better and sharpen your relationship with him/her.

You have to get engaged with the people on a personal level. Your tuning with the customers is indispensable for your triumph.

10. People love freebies

Startups Can Win Their First Customers
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To establish a successful start-up, you have to evoke rapacity in the minds of the customers for your business. People love the tags of “BUY 1, GET 1 FREE” or “GET FREE GOODIES WITH THIS PACK” or “FLAT 50%”.

You may have to bear the cost of the gifts, but you have to do it in order to entice the people. It is, in fact, the best tactic to ensnare the customers.

You must have heard – Customers are the personification of God. Value them

Do you think that you can just open a start-up business and sit back at home thinking that people would automatically come to you?

People don’t bother about what you are and what you do unless you make them notice your existence in the market.

You should not relax and wait for the customer to approach you; you have to inveigle them to have a look at your business.

So, wake up because it is time for you to get hold of the customers and foster the growth of your innovation.

Be hasty and don’t let your client slip out of your hands. Look….there goes a client, catch him, otherwise, you’ll lose him.



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